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Weaver Gaiwan Set - The Tea Thief
Weaver Gaiwan Set - The Tea Thief

Elegant Small Teapot (Gaiwan)

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A modern take on the Gaiwan set for the tea connoisseur with this Elegant design made from glass with a copper lid. 
Using the traditional oriental brewing technique to create gentle and balanced flavours like a fine Wine or Whiskey. 
At The tea Thief we believe brewing quality tea should be about simplicity, with Functional, contemporary products worthy of a tea collection.

The set comprises of two pieces. The smaller cup serves as a brewing vessel. The ingenious copper lid allows heat retention during brewing, and doubles up as a tea strainer. Thought of as one of the best performing modern Gaiwan sets available   - holding the lid in place when pouring allows the brewed tea to sift through the lid with limited risk of burnt fingers or unwanted leaves landing in your cup. The double walled glass 

The larger cup is the serving vessel. Reminiscent of a fine whisky glass it holds two infusions of the brewing vessel, its delicately curved shape helps with the sensory evaluation of the brewed tea. It will also fit the inner cup for storage or transportation. 

To make tea with the WEAVER small tea pot set,
1) Add a small-quantity of boiled water into the smaller cup and pour away.
2) Add tea leaves to the smaller cup, pour in hot water & add the lid. 
3)Wait a few seconds then create a gap with the lid and pour the water into the serving cup to warm.
4) Fill the smaller cup again with water and wait 1 minute for the tea to brew.
5)Pour away the water used for warming, use the copper infuser to pour the tea into the glass cup.
The slow and elegant movement gives tea leaves more time and space to be extracted to its best flavour, which creates more gentle and balanced tea flavours.  

  • DIMENSIONS: teapot: Ø9x9.5cm / 160ml , teacup: Ø8.7x9cm / 310ml
  • MATERIALS: soda-lime glass,18-8 stainless steel