Our Teas

Our teas have been carefully selected for their taste and health properties. We have spent years researching, tasting, blending and brewing to bring you some of natures best remedies.

There is no BS in our teas.

  • No synthetic or natural Flavourings 
  • No Preservatives
  • No Additives
  • No Sweeteners
  • No Senna

Our teas are herbal and loose leaf infusions.

We source wild or organic ingredients from around the world and combine them to create unique blends. These taste great and are designed with therapeutic benefits in mind.

We support sustainable growers. 

We work with Estates and growers that foster innovation and empowerment, allowing fairness and respect to all workers and are working on improving the lives of the communities where the products are grown. We look for Estates with Environmental measures in place and ones that rain Forest alliance members where possible. 

One of our values is to ensure we only buy directly from growers or from suppliers who we know are ethical.

Where each of our teas come from: 

Our Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers are farmed and hand picked by families across Thailand, many in remote areas 

The vine is naturally resistant to most pests so no pesticides or chemicals are used apart from smoke-water if needed which is a natural bi-product from making charcoal (an additional income stream for farmers) and is an extremely effective for deterring bugs and insects but is completely non-harmful.

Butterfly Blue Pea flower on vine

Our Kashmiri Chai, Revi.Tea.lise and Double Bergamot Earl Grey are all from Tea Estates in India.

The green and black teas (Camellia sinensis) are from an organic plantation which adjoins a National park classed as a World Heritage Site. The spices and herbs are grown locally in India or directly from growers if not available locally.

The Organic ginger and lavender in our teas Tickety Brew and Cool Brew come from a province located in Central China’s Yellow River Valley, which is also widely recognized as the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Five UNESCO world Heritage sites are situated in Henan, a historical province steeped with ancient Chinese wisdom and spellbinding scenery.
The Lemon grass in our Cool Brew tea is from Guangxi scenic region  region in southern China, bordering Vietnam.  In the early 2000s a group of young people in Liuzhou in the south western city of Guangxi province founded ‘Farmer’s Friend’. They lead local farmers in the fight against chemical fertilisers and pesticides, and champion local, traditional food production techniques.