Amaze-Mint | Refresh & Uplift - The Tea Thief
Amaze-mint Tea - The Tea Thief
Amaze-Mint | Refresh & Uplift - The Tea Thief

Amaze-Mint | Refresh & Uplift

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Whole Leaf Minty Goodness

  • Undressed : 30g Refills, simply packaged in natureflex home compostable bags and labeled with a home compostable sticker. 
  • Non-GMO, organic, all natural, whole leaf ingredients. 
  • No added preservatives, sugars or flavours. 
  • Vegan, Gluten free, Keto friendly.
  • Caffeine Free 

Green, Refreshing and Aromatically Delightful 

    • May help to relieve headaches
    • Anti-Inflammatory 
    • Digestive Support 
    • Supports mental fatigue
    • Can help to relieve menstrual cramps
    • Supports Sleep & Relaxation 

    You asked and we now have it! We have found a Certified Organic Peppermint in beautiful whole leaves originating from Egypt. A digestive tonic and prized for its healing properties, Peppermint has been around for thousands of years -  the first record of dried peppermint was found in ancient Egyptian Pyramids.

    Only available as undressed at the moment. 

    Taste: Minty & refreshing flavour. 

    All Natural Ingredients: Organic peppermint Leaves 

    Take Note: Peppermint is know to help lower high blood pressure, not suitable for pregnant women  

    Origin: Egypt

    30g Loose Tea | Caffeine Free



    95°C  | 1 tsp per 250mls

    Infuse 5-10 minutes | Enjoy 2 -3 refills

    Drink as an ice tea in the summer for a refreshing cooler!

    30g makes approx 30 cups


    Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, lactating, have a medical condition or are taking any medication.